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Private green road bike tour
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3-hour private bike tour on the most scenic green route on the Costa Blanca. The route begins at the Alcoy railway station and takes place in the pine forests of the Carrascal de la Font Roja Natural Park.The road goes through tunnels made in the mountains, through viaducts in one of the most picturesque and green areas of the Alicante province. At the stops you can take photos and our guides will tell you about the history of this green road and area. In the middle of the route we will make a stop, have a picnic and taste typical local snacks. The cycle route goes along a safe wide road and does not require special physical training.Choose this tour if you want to: • enjoy mountain scenery • learn the history of the region • spend your day in a great way • have a picnic • take a private tour Bike, helmet, snacks and transfer from Alicante are included in the price.

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